Heat 113 Raptors 120

The Heat’s problems grew to an apex at the first half of this game. The defense was weak and Toronto was on fire. Anything they were throwing up was going in. It reminded me of those old Jordan vs Bird McDonalds commercials where they would call the shots off the wall ,the bleachers, off Ronald McDonald’s head and hit all net . The Heat’s ‘D’ has been weak enough in this recent slump but Toronto was just unconscious, scoring 43 points in the second. But in the second half Miami finally stopped being absolutely putrid and came out with some spark and started to hit some shots and take advantage of the Raptors weak defense. Beasley led the comeback with a strong 3rd quarter and the offense slowly found its flow again. The combination of Beasley , Chalmers, Wade and Oneal made it a game again as the Heat got to within 1`late in the 4th. But it was not enough as the Heat again started to resort to attempting threes instead of running any semblance of an offense late. Wade chucked a nasty 3 point attempt, which, if it would have went in , would have been spectacular but it just was not a good shot at that time (as opposed to the Nets late game shot being a smart shot because it came at the 1 sec mark). Toronto went on a 7-0 run and that was it.

I don’t understand why Spo did not play Dorrell Wright more minutes with the Heat needing length and rebounding. Spo’s substitutions again left a lot to be desired. The Raptors defense is porous so a good offensive performance in the second half is nothing great. Chalmers reached 30 points for the first time in his career. The Heat scored enough points to win but again cannot deal with taller front-lines. It would be so nice to have a 7 footer in the lineup like Kaman, Camby or Gasol. With Haslem missing his second game Spo has finally been forced to play Beasley consistent minutes. Wade needs to bring back his mid-range game. He is taking way too many shots from the outside. Even if his range is better he should still take those closer shots, his percentage is lower than it has been in a long time.

Wade’s 2009-10 season shot attempt breakdown:
jump shot – 74% .404
close – 21% .560
dunk – 5% .833


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